Good deal on this extension cord reel with 4 outlets

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I’ve used one of these for years. Really handy


When you really use them, i.e. put Clark-Griswold-levels of leccy through them (mind what your particular model is rated for) - pull out the full length of the cord. Whether you actually need the full length or not.
Otherwise you have a neat coil inside the cable drum that will get warm. And warmer. I’ve seen casings melt that way.
A good cord reel should have a breaker that is triggered by overload or a short circuit and a switch that prevents overheating. Nothing will melt that way, but the thermo switch will always cut off the power at the least convenient moment. So pull out the full length of the cord anyway when (my rule of thumb, YMMV) using >50% of rated power.


I came to say this. But I was going to sound more alarmist.
From experience.


May coronovirus avoid you and yours as if you were its personal plague.

I had to cut the end of my good drop cord off Saturday so maintenance man could replace a frayed cord on my fogger that I use to Lysol motel rooms to prevent COVID. Your suggestion came just in time, and costs little more than a Harbor Freight cheapie.

I’ll remember to extend the cord fully, thank all y’all.

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