Good deal on USB C portable charger that can charge a MacBook and a Switch

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@frauenfelder CHANGE a Macbook and a Switch.
That is some damn cool technology. Or just a typo that is worth leaving up because it is going to amuse me for the rest of the day.

ETA calling @orenwolf too as you are more likely to respond. Thanks.


so it is $59 without the code, how much is it with the code?

Code gets your $12 off, and Amazon has a coupon you can “clip” for another $4. Came out to $44 before tax, shipping.

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This has a nice compromise of specs and pricing. I’d love a USB battery that can charge phones and tablets but also give my laptop a little bit of a charge if needed. However, this USB battery is 20100mAh, which, if this delivers 5V, just slightly over the standard FAA/TSA limit for batteries on board of 100 Wh (20.1 Ah * 5v = 100.5 Wh – if I have my math right…) and this is the kind of thing I’d buy for travel… :-/

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