Good news, everyone: 3M is cranking out N95 masks, half a million on their way to Seattle and New York

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I always did like 3M – they’re smart (look at the story of Post-It notes for an example.) They may also be decent, but enlightened self interest already puts them ahead of the pack.


3M is the epitome of a great coworker: smart, and gets things done.



They also make excellent and not too expensive PPE - in my company we use 3M 6300 and 6800 masks for tasks like spray-painting, sanding and using organic solvents and I can really recommend them.


This is exactly the type of news we need.
Especially from TP companies. I saw a blurb from a TP company last week, and its mealy-mouthed PR guy completely flubbed it by babbling in corporate-speak instead of the words we need to hear.


“Don’t worry, America. We have more paper for your butt!”


I hope that Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, here, is correct. My brother-in-law is still recovering from cancer treatments and has not yet been able to get any N95 masks. “N95 masks” has been in my vocabulary for only about two weeks. Funny how that happens.


Not sure how many of you are cyclists, but this popped up on my feed yesterday and warmed the cockles of my heart. I know who’s getting my money after this is over (that, and their wheel sets are gorgeous). It isn’t about N95 masks, but they are trying to use their machining/engineering powers to help potentially manufacture ventilator parts/whatever else they can.


it’s important to understand 3M had these N95 all along

these are the masks sold to construction, etc.

they REFUSED to give them to hospitals and medical workers until President HappyTalk gave them a waiver on any liability if anyone got sick anyway

which is moronic, how would anyone prove it was the mask? so they held up resources for their own benefit

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That sounds like a lot until you realize it would take almost a year to make enough masks for every US resident to get even one.


If this is the case, this is squarely systemic and not on them. Our society has evolved such that anything that can get you sued, whether provable or not, is heavily avoided.

Would you personally bet the farm on a judge and/or jury feeling charitable about the fact that it’s a crisis? Everyone knows it’s foolish to gamble on a trial. They don’t have to prove it was the mask, they just have to make people think it could have been, it was likely, etc. and let the emotional appeal of the victims do the rest. Of course they can avoid a trial by settling, which means they would be paying to help.

The way we deal with liability is a hidden handicap in our whole system, it’s a paralyzing force, and this isn’t the only case where it prevents people from doing the right thing.


No. This is not good news. Good news would have been making this announcement on Feb 23rd, not March 23rd and only after seamstresses all across America announced days ago that they would be stepping in because 3M wasn’t. While it is certainly about time they did this, they should not be receiving Kudos for something they were shamed into.


So as I understand you, there is no point in 3M doing this because they didn’t do something better.

Got it.

BTW, the reason they didn’t do it sooner is that they just got the regulatory go-ahead for their industrial masks to be used in healthcare. Until then it was illegal; the healthcare grade involves a testing process that can’t be ramped up as quickly as manufacturing can. The homebrew masks are also not healthcare-rated for that reason.


No, you didn’t understand my point at all. But your attempt to misrepresent my comment was a nice try.

But I stand with what I wrote.

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