Good news: Ikea Monkey is living his best life

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Why do we have a primate sanctuary? Can I get in and be protected from the outside world?


Previous home details: Pierre came from a zoo in Quebec. We don’t know anything about his life there, but he was part of a shipment of animals sold off from this zoo. However, he was not wanted by the buyer of the other animals. The dealer involved contacted SBFPS and Pierre came to the Sanctuary.

Condition upon arrival: Pierre has always been in great shape - both physically and psychologically.

Progress: First of all, Pierre has learned English - he only understood French when he arrived at the Farm!

Well I guess that is one reason of the 20+ Primates and the 2 on the waiting list.


I saw the results of primates being kept as pets at an animal rescue in Costa Rica. Truly heartbreaking stories. I was glad they were at the rescue centre instead of with their former “owners”, but most of them were so damaged by their experience that they could never be released back into the wild per the centre’s goals.

I’m glad Ikea Monkey is now living a good life with his peers rather than with the kind of arseholes who think it’s fun to dress a monkey in a coat.


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