Good Omens is about to get a tabletop game tie-in

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Hopefully it will get a better designer than this board game, also based on a Pratchett property, which for some reason I own:


It wasn’t bad, just… more of a pastime than a game. Played it with the kids, they were vaguely occupied for a half hour or so.

(Though when I looked for that image I discovered that there are at least three boardgames based on the Discworld, so I’m out of date.)

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If the official tie-in doesn’t thrill ya, you can still get the excellent In Nomine TTRPG from the 90’s on It was strongly influenced by Good Omens, with the premise being Angels and Demons slouching their way ineffectually through a war between Heaven and Hell, trying to avoid getting in trouble with their colorful bosses while mooching around on Earth.

I remember it had some really exciting worldbuilding. Both sides had something like a dozen internal factions with their own domains, powers, and objectives - your “team” was similar to a Class in another RPG. They also had many choirs of angels acting as player Races, with specific abilities and peculiar limitations. (e.g., your character might be Seraphim, a Choir of Angels aligned with the Truth, who can never be deceived; They also take existential damage if they ever speak a lie. The angel might serve the Archangel David, who embodies the Word of Stone; They are very difficult to hurt, but they also can never strike first in a battle.) An angel that breaks the rules of their Choir or Archangel too often risks Falling, becoming a dark reflection of their choir. (e.g., the Seraphim becomes a Balseraph, aligned with Falsehood; They are supernaturally convincing liars but risk existential damage if they are exposed. Also, their new boss is probably a dick.)

Lot of dark humor and awesome ideas in that game. I never got to run it directly (although I sure borrowed from it when DMing for other games) but I still think it was worth the price just for the stories.


Was literally coming to say exactly this - In Nomine already exists.

Possibly the single best RPG day I ever had was a delightful “two groups” game of this. A friend and I wrote an intricate scenario with different encounters which was being simultaneously run with one team of ‘Angels’ and one team of ‘Demons’ (and their actions in the various encounters affected how the second team would experience it), with, of course, an endgame in which they discovered that they really had to team-up or it was end-of-the-world time.

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Four, if you want to count in-world. Thud is available too.

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