From beyond the grave, Terry Pratchett orders Neil Gaiman to adapt Good Omens for TV

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About that hat…


I have tried to read these authors separately, but fate would always somehow intervene, even though I hold both authors in very high esteem. I have read Good Omens, though, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I have never wanted a fictional vehicle so badly in my life.


This is going to be great!


And it’s got one of the bees on it!

I always liked Mr. Pratchett’s hat, although I wear a brown one myself. Super practical in all but the coldest weather conditions, and then you can augment with a nice woolly scarf.


This is excellent news. The radio show was pretty great, so I have high hopes. It would be even better if it arrives soon enough that the “Damien” tv series was still on the air, because somehow that would make it even more amusing. (I can’t watch that show without constantly thinking of “Good Omens” anyways…)


Yep, it’ll have to go some to match the radio version, which was close to perfect. The pictures are always better on radio anyway.


Yeah, they put together some great casts for that and the recent radio version of Neverwhere. I’d be cool if they could keep the Mark Heap / Peter Serafinowicz casting for the tv version.


Pratchett is an undiscovered country, yea, an unreadde mappe here in the US. I hope that this miniseries will encourage more of us to read his stuff, and perhaps some more of us will fall in love with him, as I did.


I know at least three people other than me in my state alone who are huge Pratchett fans. Not saying a whole lot but back when we had chain bookstores still they all had Pratchett books. Still hard to find his non-Discworld books but he’s not wholly unknown here.


Bit of a shame Gilliam can’t get involved. But maybe if the TV series is a wild success they can still remake it afterwards.

The timing’s certainly right, what with American Gods in the works and Lucifer apparently a significant success.

Crowley’s Queen-infested Bentley or Dick Turpin?

The former.

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