The BBC will air a docudrama on Terry Pratchett's life and his struggle with Alzheimer's


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Will it feature Stunt Pratchett(Tony Robinson)?


In a hundred years no one will give a toss about the opinion of those critics; but they’ll still be reading pTerry.


This isn’t going to be much good if the embedded promo is anything to go by. Anyone have any good news about this production?


Pratchett’s books kept getting better as he kept writing and his final few really shone. I hope that this documentary can show his intelligence, wit and humanity like his books do. Does anyone know how to watch it in the US?


I have to disagree here. Going Postal probably would be the last Discworld book I really liked. Snuff and Raising Steam felt 2-dimensional compared to the glory days of late Nineties - early Aughts.


I am pretty sure I will have to rely on semi-legal ways to watch this, thanks to the legal problems of watching BBC content over the internet on the continent.

The BBC can iplay my arse. grumbles


Small Gods… my favorite and rather profound.


Going Postal and Making Money are my two favorites and the books that converted me to a Pratchett fan.
Who knows what makes a book “good” . My love of discworld and anticipation of enjoying more greatness could have blinded me to a multitude of sins. I am not too fussy.


Having just watched it i would say you have nothing to worry about, it’s mostly a documentary really interspersed with paul kaye doing some bio pieces to camera. It’s a lovely and very touching tribute and i liked the paul kaye bits actually, they’re respectfully done and offer something a bit different and interesting to the usual obit documentaries.


Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely check it out based on your recommendation.


The embuggerance was having an increasingly obvious effect on his writing in the last few books.

I’d put his peak at some point around the middle of the Witches/Death/Guards books. Reaper Man, Lords and Ladies, Small Gods, etc.


That period when he could put out two books a year that would make other writers smash their typewriters in jealousy…


I also recommend the ten minute video of Neil Gaiman reading his foreword to “A Slip of the Keyboard” at Pratchett’s memorial service.

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