Terry Pratchett's daughter says she will not write or authorize more Discworld books

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I wonder what this means for things like the Science of the Discworld books, or the diaries and mapps and stuff.


What does this mean for this “in development hell” series. Is it still a go? His daughter was supposed to do something with that…and Pratchett already signed off and the BBC signed on for the series, pitched as "CSI Ankh-Morpork.

EDIT: On careful reading it’s ruling out novels maybe a TV show will still be possible, as his daughter was already signed on to write on that with her father’s blessing.

“No. I’ll work on adaptations, spin-offs, maybe tie-ins, but the books are sacred to dad,” she wrote on Twitter. “That’s it. Discworld is his legacy. I shall make my own.”


So what the best site for fan fiction? I’m not a big fan of fan fiction (sorry for being redundant there) but I thought I’d give it a peek. Why? Mostly curiosity, but after I had a break-down in London’s Forbidden Planet a few weeks ago having bought some replacement copies of Pratchett’s books and realizing they were the first I had bought since he died… I’m still in mourning, and could do with some relief. Don’t ask me how fan fiction will be relief… I have no idea.


I respect her decision. I would have liked to see what she could have made of it, if she’d tried it herself. There was an interview with her a while back where she said shed helped with a few of the jokes towards the end.

That’s ok, my new series Saucerworld is completely unrelated. *whistles*


Wasn’t it pterry who said something along the lines of “After the final manuscript is submitted, a cry of ‘get a real job, literary history scholars’ goes up and all drafts are consigned to the fire.”?

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Give it a couple years, maybe a decade or two. The time flies anyway. Not all decisions are necessarily final. In time, the siren song of the world may or may not lure her back.

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I didn’t realize that the very last one would be another Tiffany Aching novel. I’m really behind on my reading but she is one of my very favorite fictional characters, and Pratchett’s love for her really shines through. The Wee Free Men was actually my introduction to Pratchett’s writing.

What a loss.

She’s quoted as explicitly saying “novels.” To me, the books you’ve mentioned don’t fall into the category. So, not a categorical “no” at this time, it seems.

Currently, I don’t really read fanfic, mostly due to lack of time. Two of my sweeties are recommending (although refraining from claiming any one as 'best,) Archive of Our Own and FanFiction (dot net). One says that there are plenty of sites out there, but those are two of the best of which she knows.

Best news I have heard in long time about future of the Discworld.


Good on her. Monsieur Herbert, take note…

It’s tortoises all the way down…


I agree, even though I don’t much care for Pratchett. The world definitely doesn’t need another Christopher Tolkein or Brian Herbert. When daddy casts a shadow that long, it can be hard to step out of it and do your own thing, but it’s worth it.


Sometimes the offspring can outshine the father. It is rare but it can happen. The listed examples illustrate that it usually does not happen.

FanFiction is a little like a chronic STI. It’s no big deal if you manage your symptoms, but not exactly the sort of thing you bring up in public.

Having said that, I think BoingBoing will absolutely appreciate Mister Vimes’d Go Spare!. Enjoy.

Giovanni Giacometti?
Hans Holbein der Ältere?.

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I think the Tolkien situation is not quite the same; as far as I’m aware, Christopher is not so much writing new stories in Middle Earth, but compiling existing material by his dad. I think what he’s doing is totally valid.

… or another Bush.

Or are we only talking about authors here?

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