Pratchett's "Raising Steam": the magic of modernity




DISCWORLD LIVES! Never has there been such a series!


Somebody fill me up on this Marquis joke.

Aix is pronounced “aches”


I wonder how many US fans are willing to wait till march, and how many will get the book from … aehmm … some other place …

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Luckily, in the world of physical stuff, I can just order the book from and get it shipped. Sure it costs an extra ten bucks, but it certainly beats having to wait until March.

Contrast with the Kindle version, and certain British TV shows, where I can’t get it early for love or money – I don’t mind paying extra to get something, but I’m certainly not going to wait 4-6 months when it’s right there on the internet for free.


I’m currently reading Raising Steam and I’m slightly disappointed. Admittedly I’m only half way though but (and I noticed a similar feeling with Snuff too) I find myself waiting for the major plot to start. The antagonists are not very antagonistic. The Grags just don’t feel like they have any chance of making a meaningful impact in the lives of the protagonists. Especially when I think of the inter-racial drama in Thud! or the conflict between the Clacks and the Post in Going Postal

It’s still a great journey and I’m loving the book. I hope I’ve expressed myself well enough without spoiling it for others…


I was underwhelmed by Thud! but enjoyed Snuff, so I guess it very subjective.

Down loading a Pratchett novel for free would feel like robbing a favourite Uncle to me. I’ll wait twelve months and get the paper back for my birthday.

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the 40th (!) novel in the Discworld series

(!) indeed.

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: Pratchett.


I agree.

And I attribute my literacy to Pratchett, at the age of 9 I could barely read when I picked up Truckers on a whim and I got hooked on reading. Everything I’ve achieved in life since is due in some way to that book and this amazing author.


I am willing to wait, but, yeah, I don’t get the March thing for the US… unless he’s planning a visit around that time frame…? (which would be awesome – I’ve met Sir Terry in person at a signing in a small bookstore, and would love my kids to now meet him)

Further, I posit that pretty much all the Pratchett I’ve read has actually been science fiction, merely wearing the garb of the fantasy genre. Truckers is a good example; it does an actual genre flip partway through.

He’s created a universe so deep that he’s been able to explore just about all of SF’s themes that spring to mind, and sooner or later you tend to find a nice, self-consistently satisfying explanation for a given state of affairs, that more often than not, relates to some aspect of reality by way of an incisive and hilarious commentary.

As far as I can tell, he’s just like an exponentially more prolific Douglas Adams, only one who read Lord of the Rings as a kid.


Probably many here are already familiar with this but I’ll go ahead and mention ‘The Science of Discworld’ (three volumes, I gather) where Pratchett uses his fantasy world to whimsically explain science in the ‘real’ world. As a bonus it contains what should certainly be called Pratchett’s Corollary to Clarke’s 3rd Law, to wit: Any sufficiently advance magic is indistinguishable from technology.


40 novels is a lot to navigate.

And there we go.

If there was a party to which SF and fantasy authors were invited, I bet I know which crowd Pratchett would be more comfortable in.

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The librarian has kids!!! (edited for stupid :wink: )

I think it was probably just a spell.

… wait four months for my hit … nnngghghg

Regarding the seemingly unneeded whistle-stop tour in this novel: Terry Pratchett has made it clear that he wants others (namely his daughter) to carry on stories in the Discworld after he has departed this one. I can’t help but wonder if this is just an attempt to lay down some more source material for an expanded world of settings to come.


Wow…such insulting reviews over on the amazon page accusing Sir Terry of using a ghost writer who ‘just doesn’t get Pratchett’s style’ So sad fans would treat his work this way.