Good price on a digital tire pressure gage

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The problem as I see it with a digital gauge is that by the time you use it a second time, it needs new batteries.


They need so little power you could charge it up enough for a dozen reads with just a minute in the cigarette lighter. The usual problem with these is that they use crappy button cells that self discharge in 6 months.

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Also- this one has 4 batteries:
1 CR2032 and 3 LR44
and it is not a rechargeable device.

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There are digital tires now? The modern world continually amazes me.


I’ve been using the same one for nearly 15 years now and have never changed batteries. I don’t think they’re even replaceable on this model.

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I bought a digital gauge and found that it wasn’t very well calibrated…nor were the cheap stick type…stick to the more expensive bourdon tube type

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