Save 50% on a digital air pump that inflates balls, tires, and pool toys for you

Originally published at: Save 50% on a digital air pump that inflates balls, tires, and pool toys for you | Boing Boing

Maybe an obvious question, but can this be used WITHOUT needles to pump bike tires?

The headline is wrong: this gadget cannot inflate a tire. It can’t pump to more than 12 psi. A car tire needs 30 psi or more. A typical bicycle tire needs 70.


What makes it digital? Does it use transistors to move air?


You have to finger it to make it work?


Since it is digital, I assume you can connect the thing to be inflated over wifi or bluetooth.


Its max pressure is 12 PSI, it can’t pump regular bike tires at all. Unless you ride a 4+ inch fat tire bike off-trail this would be pointless for a bike*

*even if you do this would be mostly pointless, but it could be used in a pinch in that case


Gawd what a chunk of clutter. For $25 more you can buy a decent pancake air compressor with an inflator chuck and use it to do serious work. For $20 less you can get a car tire inflator that, you know, fills tires.

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Maybe they could sell a digital hammer!? I need that about as much as this. They could even sell it for 300$ (riginally 600$) if the price of this gadget is an indication (my ‘manual’ ball pump cost about 5$ and it does the job just fine.)

Or a digital clothes peg. Fancy. Never again get your clothes too dry.

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Looks the same to me.

The related links has one that’s AA batteries instead of rechargeable if that matters. Also a bunch of manual options with gauges if that’s the desire and you can handle a couple of minutes of manual effort.

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