Good price on the LEGO International Space Station

Originally published at: Good price on the LEGO International Space Station | Boing Boing

Imagine the disasters you can play out?

Especially when the 3 year old accidently bumps into his older brother’s Saturn V and it comes crashing down on the ISS. Now the floor is sprinkled with Lego landmines.


“Oh the humanity! Buzz Aldrin’s butt is on fire! Neil Armstrong is trying to blow on it to put it out, but it just just making things worse! Oh no, Buzz had Taco Bell for lunch, now Neil’s hair in on fire! Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve never seen anything like this! No one has! The scene is utter chaos! Wait, what’s this? Scott Kelly is dousing the flames with recycled urine from the ISS! They say it’s pure water now, but it still makes your face scrunch up when you hear about it. But, it seems to be working! Buzz’s butt is doused! Neil’s hair is extinguished! Thanks to quick thinking, our astronaut heroes are now safe, and can work on combining their efforts into building the Saturn VI Rocket/Space Station.”


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