Goodnight, Moon


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That’s a very nice photo of the moon. Good sharpness and dynamic range. Wish I could afford a lens like that!

I was at a bar last week that has a 12 inch Dobsonian telescope on the patio. It was pointed at the full-ish moon, so I whipped out my old iPhone and snapped this through the eyepiece…

Not as clear, but pretty decent for a goddamn phone.


It took me a while to see it, but yours is turned 90 degrees from Xeni’s.

Yes, telescopes are not always oriented the right way, especially with the eyepiece on the side. I work on big telescopes for living. They have a gizmo called a derotator to deal with this.

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Man, I haven’t looked at the moon in any detail since I was a kid. Seeing that again, I get a strong sense for exactly how hard it got the piss knocked out of it over the few billion years it’s been our lil buddy.

Serves it right for mooning us the whole time.

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