How an amateur astronomer mapped the Moon 59 years before Apollo 11


Did he map the far side of the moon as well?

For most of my life I’ve had a telescope, currently it’s an 8-inch Dobsonian. When I point it at the Moon, I see mountains, craters, the terminator (the line between light and dark) and that’s about it.

Then we had a little telescope party and a friend brought his lunar charts. Boy oh boy, was my lunar experience poor and limited. The guy showed us craters nested within craters within craters, we were looking at features no more than a mile or two across, it was sensational.

Also, a large chunk of the fun was in the very challenging search for these lunar features and the accomplishment of finding them, we’re talking about very high magnifications here. I’ll probably never get into the Moon as intensely as my friend, but now I understand the allure.

I remember being required to map out some features of the moon using a little Galilean telescope I built from a kit with cardboard tubes in high school. It was awesome.

Half the moon. He mapped half the moon.

Still awesome.

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