Help kickstart this fantastic, easy-to-use telescope

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Kickstarter isn’t shopping, I know, but $600 seems like a lot for that little telescope. Especially when you can get a great 8" Dobsonian for half the price!


That was my thought exactly. If you’re not going to build a Dobsonian, then you might as well get some scope that’s got a motorized equatorial mount w/ PC interface so you can keep it pointed on target.

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the rendering is confusing - clearly it’s a newt, and they say so, but the objective appears to have a mak-cass corrector plate with a silvered secondary mirror… you’d think telescope designers would care that the rendering was accurate.

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Uh-huh. On 4/20? We all know what that “telescope” really is.


My mind went to the same place!

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

The carrying strap is the real genius here.

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I still have my old AstroScan, so I’m supporting it for the books.

Here’s an idea I’ll probably never get around to… Since the base is quite spherical, some motor driven friction discs could drive it like an old style computer mouse in reverse. Arduino, GPS module and an SD card with an Ephemeris; aim it at two or three bright stars to calibrate. I don’t know if a scheme like that would be stable enough for long exposure photography, but it could be interesting.


maybe? but since it’s an alt-az mount don’t forget to compensate for field rotation!

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Uh oh…

Worked for me!

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And… proof!

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Uh, you could make the bong.

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