This versatile telescope lets you observe both Earth and sky

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I don’t know much (anything) about astrophotography, but can you attach a motorized tracker to this?

This is a very horrible telescope for a starter. Do NOT buy this. It’s not good at viewing ANYTHING.

I say this as an amateur astronomer. The best you’ll get is some decent views of the whole moon. Maybe some definition of the moons on Jupiter. It will barely resolve any nebula or deep sky objects.

You will not find a worthwhile telescope for less than $200. That’s just how it is. Don’t try to budget cheaper than that. You’re wasting your time.

Take a look at the Atronomers Without Borders preferred starter telescope.

Othrewise, something like this will get you VERY far into astronomy.


Here’s another good option. These binoculars collect more light than the puny worthless boingboing telescope offer.

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Yeah I think the XT6 is a decent starter. If they want to go a bit bigger there’s the xt8 (do they still sell the Skyliner 8? That’s what I bought a year ago) it’s still not hard to lug it around. But the 6 is still small enough for most cars.

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Don’t put anything on it. Don’t buy it. It’s crap. See my other post.

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“make transport seamless”

Does the Boing Boing Store sell MTS baseball caps?


Former plane arium show producer, amateur astronomer and telescope builder here: that little Mak sucks. To learn about the sky, get/use these optics, in this order: naked eye, 7x35 binos, 6" dobsonion or good 80mm refractor. After that you’ll know what you want. Of course, the caveat is if you run into a good deal on a 10" dob or some guy selling a Schmidt-Cassegrain for cheap.

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