Google Autocomplete interview with astronauts who are in space


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This is what I got…


Wheeee! Questions that have been answered on video by space station astronauts in orbit dozens of times already.

Here’s a question that I’d like answered:

When they adjust the ISS’s orbit and boost it back up, does everyone have to strap in? Is it very gentle acceleration? Do they get a noticeable amount of “gravity” from the boosting burn or is it too small to notice?


Does “Is running a PR stunt for Google really the most interesting scientific application you can think of for your time aboard one of the most expensive pieces of research hardware in human history?” count?


I’ll bet the lights all turn red and the crew lurches from side to side and sparks fly from the controls!


Step up to Red Alert!


If Tang paid for all the product placement it gets from the space program we’d have had Mars colonized decades ago.


Or when we finally officially get there, we’ll be met by a race of very tall, orange people.


I hope that’s not the case only because of proximity to a certain orange someone who is currently shitting on and in American politics.


If they have bad hair grafts and UUUGE junk then we can just continue on to Pluto.


Space suits use 100% oxygen‽ How the hell do they smoke in those?


Extremely quickly.

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