Google Chrome to avoid using Flash


Yeah watches all his youtube videos on a custom wrap around version of google glass.


But there is a setting to disable Autoplay. I have had instances where Youtube pushes an update and it breaks the setting and defaults it back to On. Which is highly irritating.


The setting to disable Autoplay resets itself regularly, because Google doesn’t care about its customers.


Is that at all likely to change over time?


So Google wants to control what can and cant be used to enhance a user’s experience online? Will they be blocking other developers who want to create plugins that might revolutionize the way we work? Do they think they have all of this covered? Are they trying to make it more secure by closing the system like Apple? These kind of moves really squash creativity and innovation. Developers need to be able to use the right tools for the job to give the best experience for their users. HTML5 is in no way the best tool, or even a good one, definitely shouldn’t be the only one.
The internet should be free and open for any innovation, and Google’s core principals are to keep this freedom… as long as you are using their products I guess.


…are you serious?


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