Google donated $5k to GOP Senator who "joked" about attending a lynching with her Black opponent


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So are they changing their motto to “Just go ahead and be evil, fuck it…” now?


I think they just went with “Meh,” seeing as the money comes in anyway.


Google, winking: “Don’t be evil!”
Google: “Don’t be - ah, fuck it, whatever.”
Google: “Don’t be ev- [strangling sound] - All hail Beelzebub!”



  • if the donation was made the day before it wouldn’t even have cleared until after
  • FEC filings are always done after the funds are cleared, further evidence it was made prior
  • legally they can’t ask for it back, she has to be the one to initiate that

I don’t think they should have given her even one penny, but that was true well before this non-event.


Better than the original IMNSHO.


We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.

Kurt Vonnegut


Puny joke!


I just don’t understand this at all. What is the motivation for a company to donate to any political candidate? I could see donating to a candidate from your state/district that is promising certain policies that would benefit your company, but it seems like there are consistent contributions across the spectrum (ie. companies aligned generally neutral) that seemingly have little to do with the companies’ ambitions. Especially when a candidate is so remotely impactful of the company in question as in this case. Maybe google has a giant server farm in Mississippi?


I guess $5k or $10k here or there may be seen as ‘insurance’ that if they did ever need to muscle into her office to get an audience about something, she would likely open the door quickly and at least listen.


Bribery is the motivation.



Well, for Google, that five thousand is a rounding error. But it means the candidate they donated to, if they get elected, remembers Google, and is more responsive if they want something. Most likely Google doesn’t, but hey, dropping a hundred thousand dollars in twenty elections is still a very minor outlay for them, and who knows if it ever pays?


Hyenas being themselves. They play both sides of the street, even if one of the gutters runs with blood and shit.


A bit of an insult to hyenas, they’re very clever and surprisingly social.


Yeah, I get that, but it seems remarkably naive to me to assume that there’s any sense of loyalty in politics. On the other hand, I would completely believe that a politician would remember organizations that don’t donate to their campaigns. Executives and politicians; scoundrels the whole way down.


’ Google donated $5k to GOP Senator who “joked” about attending a lynching with her Black opponent"

No, she did no such thing. She joked about attending a “public hanging” with some guy who introduced her to the crowd. Definitely NOT her black opponent.

Is it so hard to be accurate and not lie about asshole Republicans? They are, after all, asshole Republicans - we don’t need to lie about them to denigrate them.

Honesty is important.


Hanging people is considered cruel and inhumane by most reasonable individuals, and that’s one reason its no longer a method of execution used by the state.

Additionally, there’s deep seated historical context with hangings when it comes to people of African descent in this country; aside from being an atrocious act of racism, it was psychological terrorism, meant to intimidate us darkies into knowing and staying “in our place.”

Someone would have to be unbelievably, even willfully obtuse to miss the negative connotation that is automatically associated with hangings and Black people.