Google Earth now available in VR

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Wow! So much more realistic than actual travel - and none of those pesky foreigners!


Looks like a perfect fit to me. The current control scheme is super clumsy.

Let’s see if this improves the GeoGuessr experience. It’s not like there’s any other use for this.


It’s really super cool - my wife and I spent some time revisiting places we’ve travelled to and it really jogs some memories. It works really well, and the places all have this kind of weird doll-house feel. I’m looking forward to having my dad try it. He’s always exploring in the mountains, and I bet he’ll be interested in the new perspective this gives on familiar places.

So any information if they are going to pay royalties to Neal Stephenson, him having come up with the whole concept and all.

Stephenson IMO is a great writer, but they certainly did not invent the concept of digitally simulating environments. When Fassbinder made Welt am Draht in the 1970s it was already a concept in science fiction literature, and had been in philosophy for perhaps thousands of years.


I got a chance to play with this yesterday and you’ll be saddened to know that the control scheme (at least on the HTC Vive) is very clumbsy.

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Wow, amazing I hope it does not have as much fails as google maps.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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