Google Earth Pro was $399. Now it's free



So how long until google abandons google Earth product/service altogether?

Except that the previous version (for all its faults) was multi-platform, and this is Windows-only.

I’m running it on a Mac.

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I get options for Lin, Win, & Mac.

Thanks – not what I saw originally. Nice to be wrong.

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Always a good question with Google… The GE product has been somewhat abandoned for a while, which is a shame because it fills a great gap between the web version (ideal for “normal” users) and a full GIS package (for “advanced” users). I’ve been using GE Pro for quite a while for large renewable energy development and it is still the best tool for quick analysis of possible locations. Hopefully they don’t kill it.

I too was able to zoom in on my junk.


Damn! I was hoping they’d be releasing the higher resolution imagery, and perhaps add a few more aircraft to the flight sim’, with guns and multiplayer.
And for the few extras you have to sign in?
No thanks.

I have just installed it under Mint Linux.

Is this a free trial or they’re just giving it away for free, period?

My office is near the middle of that picture. This is incredibly spooky :cold_sweat:

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