Apple buys excellent Dark Sky weather app, kills it for Android users

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Android users who subscribed to Dark Sky were informed that they will continue to receive service until July 1, 2020, after which they will be forced to throw their Android phone in the trash and buy an iPhone.




Apple want’s $3.99 for the Dark Sky app? No thanks…


My favorite part of the announcement is where it says “Our goal has always been to provide the world with the best weather information possible, to help as many people as we can…” followed by the announcement that they are no longer supporting Android and (eventually) the API.


Their goal “…has been”, but not anymore.


I don’t even use this app (thank you but a big shove-it-in-sideways-with-sharp-corners FU to Apple. THIS is why I hate apple crap and avoid it like the plague (too soon?).


I use the NOAA Weather Unofficial app from Granite Apps. I just like that it shows me NOAA radar and 7 day forecast. I’ve seen some really nice weather apps and programs, but I’m not a pilot or such.


Dark Sky is also the default weather for Duck Duck Go. At least it was 2 minutes ago.


I point my browser to their site. It’s accurate and free:


Don’t worry about the weather, because the weather don’t worry about you.
That’s always been my motto.


Website has been great for me. Don’t know if they will keep that going.

However, website always recommended the app so I thought I’d try it, likely even pay a bit.
Nope! Region locked out for Canada on Android!

So disappointed. I need to find a better weather app now.


I’m a big fan, and unofficial evangelist for Windy. It is available on all platforms, plus You can visualize weather data and predictions for dozens of criteria. I like that it defaults to the ECWMF weather model, but allows you to view two other US models, as well. It is data visualization porn that you can get lost in for hours. If you start looking at worldwide wind conditions, and discover that you can look at elevations from sea level to 45,000 feet, your productivity for the day may plummet. Oh wait . . . what productivity?


Hmmm! They also bought Texture (the magazine app) and killed it for non-iOS platforms. Their claim that Apple News+ was the natural heir is just totally wrong. I loved Texture and I hate News+.

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I’m not familiar with Dark Sky, but if the name is an indication that it’s used by astronomers/astrophotographers to predict when the night sky will be clear, I could recommend the ‘Clear Outside’ Android app instead.

It’s pretty technical: just numbers for each hour at each location, with no maps or visualisations, but that suits me, and I’ve found it to be accurate and hyperlocal.

Crap, I’ve been using Arcus for Android which uses the API, which I think is supplied by darkSky.

Well I guess my backup app eWeaterHD will have to do. It’s a swiss army knife full of all kinds of data and a fairly nice UI to boot.

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Here are the Verge’s suggested alternatives. (Although it seems Carrot uses Dark Sky’s API, so that may be an issue).

Yes! The animations are mesmerizing, popular in aviation circles from what I gather.

I like the Weather Channel app on Android primarily because it has widgets, so I can set up a home screen with a bunch of custom locations. (the free version is ad-ridden, but with the widgets you don’t have to open the app). Also be sure to customize permissions (location only when using app etc), if you don’t want to leak tracking data.


I second that. Windy for forecast and RadarScope for doppler.

and on the high seas


Or alternatively, as I have already done, throw Dark Sky into the virtual trash and download another app.
Nobody likes a sellout.


I love this; it pretty much stays on the graphed stats view and I get a lot of “ooh, what’s that?” After five years of use I gave them a small amount of cash to have tons of locations set up.