Weather Apps, plz

Got any advice on the best weather app for my phone?

I got a new one (phone i mean, yay), but my old app, NWS Now, seems only available via a dodgy-looking download of some other weird app at Amazon.

Ad free would be great, of course.


I have been happy with the stock one one my andriod phone and peeking I am not even sure it is a proper app just a built in widget.


I have a friend who sails who swears by

It has an app and does multiple weather models.


I use the free Accuweather app (it does contain unobtrusive ads at the bottom). I don’t remember if it came with my phone or if I downloaded it.

Specifically, I like the radar, the allergy forecast, daily and hourly predictions. It has generally been spot on with the rain predictions here in socal, even to the hour. It has a widget feature, too. You may also store ~10 other locations, which is fun for upcoming travels. It also gives adverse weather alerts.

I believe you can upgrade to get more than 14 days and possibly no ads, but I’m fine with the free edition.

ETA: Android version


Probably doesn’t fit your criteria, but I enjoy WTForecast.


Looks like my kinda thing!

Can you get it to put the temperature in the phone’s tippy top Row of Tiny Things?


I use Dark Sky, which appearenly is pretty privacy protective:

I turned off the advanced features so it’s not constantly sending my location since logs can still be supoena’d. (To do things like alert you when it’s going to rain it needs continuous access, if you turn that sort of thing off it only pings when you look, and you can always set up a VPN.)

You will need to pay a small fee for it.


Mine would do you no good, but fellow Canadians may be interested in knowing that Environment and Climate Change Canada has its own app. Ad free, and free through your app store (because your taxes already helped pay for it). Hence why it’s geolocked to Canadian cities.

Might not be the fanciest thing out there and doesn’t put a “current temperature” in the widget / alert bar, but you can save various locations, and you can get push notifications of any weather alerts, like snowfall and wind warnings.


another simple solution is to duckduckgo search “weather cityname”

Edit: they source their date from darksky, the app i mentioned

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I’ve been happy with 1Weather. The ad-free “pro” version is $1.99 IIRC.



Also seconding the recommendation of Dark Sky, which I used to use.



I think I’m gonna check out WTForecast :grinning:


Looks like there are some notifications you can turn on… but I tend to turn and keep stuff from notifying me… so I’m not sure.


I use the Weather Underground app after using the site (and the mobile page) for years. There is a way to subscribe to Weather Underground (through the site) and then use that account to log into the app to make it ad free. Not a huge endorsement since that process was not easy (at least for me), and previously the app was very buggy, though it had been stable for me since.

Shows the temp, etc in the notification bar, and you can set it to give you weather notifications specific to certain activities (good day for sailing?).


All great apps above but, when it comes to snow, wind, rain, surf and tide the Windy app for the iPhone or iPad is awesome.

Multiple configurations for whatever you are into. Great interface too.


I’ll have to give Dark Sky a try (though usually I just launch Firefox and bring up the NWS site via a bookmark).

For specific-purpose apps on Android, I like RadarNow (by US Navguide LLC) and the Blitzortung Lightning Monitor (by WuAn). Both of them come in mighty handy on long bike rides.


Might want to avoid the Weather Channel.


I like this output format, and I think the URL works with any latitude and longitude in the U.S.

NWS forecast


Downloaded, lovin it, thanks! :smile:


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