LAWSUIT: Los Angeles accuses Weather Channel app of secretly mining user data

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Interesting. I somehow don’t think this is the only app to ever do this. Probably most of them.


How could this happen?

“Only While Using the App”

Ha! If you display the current weather in a widget on the screen, that’s always.


Do people in LA need a weather app? I feel like a static website could get pretty high accuracy: 70s and Sunny


Usually. But sometimes it can get as low as 58 DEGREES!


Hey! It got into the 40’s at night a few days ago.

Had to break out the extra blanket.

I even had to consider not wearing shorts! (but I did anyway, and just threw on a hoodie)

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I blame Byron Allen.

And mad bees.

Hedge funds somehow never get mentioned in positive light.

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I was using Dark Sky, which apparently does not do this. But I also paid for this app.

one of the reasons i put my phone in airplane mode when not using it - wifi (through vpn) lets me do email and signal, why provide anyone an additional data point if not needed? also it cuts down on the robocalls :smiley:

This is just awful! I only allow Facebook to mine my data.

I’m truly privileged to live in a country that doesn’t allow robocalls. I mean, it’s great for many other reasons, but no spam calls is a big one.

they’re illegal here too we just lack a functioning enforcement agency

They own this channel, and it’s accessories.

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