Pirate Weather API has more features

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Thanks Rob. Here’s hoping somebody does something awesome with it. Just this morning I was cursing at Apple’s crappy regurgitated Dark Sky assimilation. Ugh.

There’s always Windy.


Great, hopefully some good plugins and apps will be along shortly.

Thanks, this is excellent information! I was really bummed out about the demise of Dark Sky, because I really liked the format. Merrysky is exactly what I wanted, although it looks like it lacks the brilliant by-the-minute radar-image prediction.



I’ve been using https://wttr.in/ for getting weather information when I need a low-bandwidth version of the weather. It was mentioned on Boing Boing a while ago: ASCII weather page | Boing Boing

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Hey- I’m the developer behind this, so pretty excited to see it featured! It was a fascinating project to put together, and I’m really happy people are finding it useful. If anyone has any comments/ suggestions/ issues, please feel free to reach out to me at api@alexanderrey.ca


Environment Canada, always going for the overkill. They replaced a perfectly good weather radar display with a slow-loading awkward monster that’s shit on a phone.


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