Doppler radar weather map of the entire contiguous United States

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Nice. Have you seen the Weather Underground’s “Wundermap”?

It’s overlaid on Google Maps, is fully customizable and lets you layer whatever you want to see (doppler, satellite, etc.). It’s also animated and has info from thousands of local amateur and professional weather stations that upload their data live.


Although this is from a Doppler radar, this is just a composite reflectivity display, and does not display data resulting from the Doppler effect.

Same map, rendered by my weather site of choice, weatherspark:!maps;a=USA;m=6.299,-138.834,60.144,-56.568;play=1;rd=2;ropts=loop:1,speed:6,alpha:0.7;msl=temperatureC;mol=radar

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this looks very impressive on a big screen in a NOC

Hey Rob! I love this thing and have been using it for years… Not to be a negative but my biggest complaint is that the resolution has not changed since maybe the early 2000’s. I’ve dug around and not come to any clear answer about what the exact data provided by weather radar comprises but this composite is assembled built with the relatively low resolution sites around the US. It would be neat to have some insight about when or if they plan on say doubling it.

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