Earth Wind Map

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if you like this, try or the Windy app.


It has Total Precipitable Water but I wish they had it with a coloured scale like this:

One of our atmospheric physics profs used this a few years back (fall 2015) to show what was going on with the jet stream, El Niño, and the hurricanes slamming both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Over the course of one week we watched Patricia go from a depression to the second-strongest hurricane on record to … nothing.


I like to see the maps of the Arctic Jet Stream every day or so (
They look like dragons and other creatures
chasing each other around the North Pole.

Then I look at the Global Map of Wind, Weather, and Ocean conditions (
which animates the winds and ocean currents in what seems like real-time
in full color
coded according to the speed.
I look for where the rare red winds are.

Usually, last, I pull up the World Cloud Cover map (
to see how it relates to the other two images
and make sure the equatorial rainforests are
still making rain.

Sometimes, late at night
I look at the Northern Lights
from the Churchill, Manitoba Northern Studies Centre live camera (
Even when the Northern Lights aren’t shining,
I’ll often just
listen to the sounds
of that distant wind.

It reminds me where I live.

PS: There’s also
PPS: With such visualizations available, why isn’t there an online version of Buckminster Fuller’s World Game available yet?


I’m going to try to find a way to get a live feed from the MROI once we get first light this year. I’ll try to sell the idea as a PR to get funding but we all know better.

For me, though, the real payoff is being up there as part of doing it. Some things are just cool for their own sake.

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No. Just no:

Thanks for broadcasting Earth Wind Map. I have been watching the temps and winds work their way up the Barents and Bering Seas over the last month or so, it has been pretty dramatic.

  1. I call fake, it shows there’s no wind in Utah.
  2. Not impressed with Earth’s puny wind system. Now Neptune has something special going on.


And once again Fire gets totally screwed over.

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