Google: if you support Amazon's Echo, you're cut off from Google Home and Chromecast

There is literally nothing in the linked article that supports Cory’s screed. What’s the connection? Did he mean to link to some other article?

Standard double-edged safety razors are regaining popularity. Hell, I’ve been using one for almost ten years now, and I’d be very surprised if I’ve spent even thirty bucks on blades the whole time. The overpriced and ridiculous 7-blade 2-lubricant-strip razor models are also taking it on the chin from the other flank, courtesy of Dollar Shave Club and its ilk. Modern capitalism just ain’t what it used to be.

Thank dog.


That’s the whole reason that there are 12-bladed cartridge razors. The patents ran out on the old blades (of the type you show).


Not sure which part of his screed you mean, but the reports of their anti-competitive demands were definitely there…

Google’s own negotiations with consumer electronics manufacturers could
be hampered by what multiple sources have described as overly aggressive
muscle-flexing. At the meeting in June, Google is said to have told
home audio vendors that they won’t be allowed to add any other digital
assistants than Google’s own to their hardware if they want to continue
to use Google Cast. Another source told Variety of similarly
far-reaching demands made in negotiations with another big consumer
electronics manufacturer — demands that ultimately led to talks breaking


So, theoretically, one could have both and they would each refuse to work with the other and you’d end up with a secure system?


The blue pill AND the red pill?


So according to Cory and BB Google Home is bad … until it turns up at stacksocial.

Apparently not all vendors are blocked. Google integrates spotify - that is also present on the Echo.

Yeah, you’d use them against each other to prevent all traffic to the other servers. Otherwise how could you know you’d be blocking it all?


First F%^& the DMCA. It is an attack against citizens. Second, why anyone would have a computer not under their control listening to everything they say is beyond stupid. You are virtually inviting strangers in your home and some of them want to put you in jail for no other reason than to make their quota.

There is a big problem with mobile devices. They too are listening to you 24/7. The western world has big problem with their governments and corporations spying on them.

Oh man, that brought back a schoolyard prank you tried on your buds:
It’s about time, it’s about space,
It’s about time I slap your face - slap!


The BB write up is a bit confusing.

From Vice:

Google is said to have told home audio vendors that they won’t be allowed to add any other digital assistants than Google’s own to their hardware if they want to continue to use Google Cast.

If Amazon wants to Google Cast, they’ll have to get rid of Alexa. Spotify won’t be affected unless they’re making a device with a “digital assistant” (are we serious about calling Siri, Cortana, and Alexa “digital assistants”?).

Consumers may be pissed if Cast works on Echo right now but if it doesn’t currently work (a quick search suggests it doesn’t work out of the box right now), not many people with existing devices will be affected.

ETA: I think this is pretty crappy but not as bad as it sounds.


I guess they did copy Apple on some things…

Kind of answered your own question. We already live in a world where we are all tracked by mobile phones, cameras will know my face and watch me from every store and street corner, public transportation is listening to me, my pixel is tracked by airplanes loaded with cameras, and my entire network of contacts and acquaintances is known to the last detail. But you are going to take a stand against Google home?

I also have no fantastic illusions of being a cyber ghost, on the run, eyeball and facial transplants, hacking privacy networks and yanking the cord seconds before “they” get a trace on my location.

I realize this is short sighted bravado, ripe for a future “I told you so”. But seriously, if society is going down, I’m just as screwed as everyone else.


It probably won’t accept third party ink cartridges, either… :wink:

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Take the red pill, piss off women.
Then take the blue pill and enjoy the consequences.

Yeah, I know it’s from the prequel to this movie. but hey.

Cory said “vendors whose products support Amazon’s Echo will be blocked from integrating with Google’s own, rival platform.” That statement is not supported by the article. The article says that Google doesn’t want two different digital assistants on the same device. The article does not say that vendors will be blacklisted for producing devices that use Amazon’s assistant, which is what Cory claims.

Cory then emits a fugue on the topic of DMCA, which what can I say? There’s nothing about that in the article. It’s just been on Cory’s mind for oh 15 years or so.

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You could potentially build something on top of the open source Mycroft, which you can install on a raspberry pi.


That’s somewhere between “bummer” and “shame.” I for one would love to use Google Music on my Amazon Echo.

I guess you could say he bought it one piece at a time?

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And it didn’t cost him a dime…

Not from the factory, though.