Google launches a DRM-free audiobook store: finally, a writer- and listener-friendly Audible alternative!

You call audible’s technology, “illegitimate.”

The definition of illegitimate is “not authorized by the law; not in accordance with accepted standards or rules.”

Since the tech is not against the law, you must mean that it is “not in accordance with accepted standards or rules.” I disagree that audible’s DRM is not in accordance with accepted standards or rules. DRM in many areas is still in accordance with accepted standards or rules. Maybe it shouldn’t be, but saying something shouldn’t be legitimate doesn’t mean that it is legitimate right now.

So, DRM-free, but tethered to the Google ecosystem, is that it?
(I am somewhat confused.)

The Google audiobooks might be appealing, if I could buy one without running non-free software and pay anonymously.

However, given the way it works now, I would not even consider it.

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No need to be confused. BB has long had a soft spot for things Google.

I use Overdrive for audio books from my library, too. On the desktop (MacOS) I’m able to transfer them to iTunes, which I prefer to the Overdrive app. We also have access through our public library to Hoopla Digital, which provides audio and ebooks. Both apps have different selections of material, so if one doesn’t have something I’m looking for I can check the other.

My biggest problem with both platforms is that there is virtually no way to provide feedback or crowdsourced data to them. As a result my Overdrive for my library only has two books listed under LGBT fiction when in fact there are a lot more than that. This is a problem on Overdrive’s part, and my local librarians aren’t able to help to make changed or additions to subject or genre descriptions.

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I gave up searching for titles via Overdrive and just use the library catalog and check out ebooks that way. Then I can see them in Overdrive. Annoying as hell but at least workable.

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