Google mistakenly started handing out a reporter's cellphone number to people searching for Facebook tech support

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Wait, what? That thing’s actually monitored? I thought it was some nonfunctional relic of a bygone age.


No, but sadly it’s very hard to pick out good suggs from the hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of manually-entered, captcha-resistant spam entries we get every day.


Maybe this is why all my suggestions have gone nowhere :slight_smile: (I swear I’m not in India!). Although BB did pickup some of my weirdness in '14: Listen to the calls of imaginary birds | Boing Boing


I know this is a bit of “collateral damage” from the main point of the article, but…,

How depressing is it that the livid caller to the researchers phone number actually and truly believes that his “American rights” were being violated because his posts weren’t showing up on Facebook? I mean, you can practically feel the breath of his huffing-and-puffing there…

Reason #237 why I am overjoyed not to have a Facebook account.


Facebook Tech Support? Is this the same scam with those Windows and Apple tech support scams? People should be very familiar with those scams by now, right? You can even read hundreds of reports filed at sites like about similar scams since years ago.

He should send Google and Facebook invoices for tech support services.



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Seriously though, there are a couple of threads right here on the bbs where people share interesting stuff.

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