Google needs VR camera testers – just fill out their form and cross your fingers

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The only caveats being that death in the VR world is real, and you can’t log out until you win.

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We get either a president or a full immersion season of The Apprentice


Finally, a camera for my panopticon.

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Is this going to be like the Google Glass “tester” program, where you got the privilege of paying to fly to NY or SF and buy their outrageously expensive piece of hardware?

getting the chance to take a Jump camera out for a spin

Pshaw. If they were giving away these, I’d be interested:

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That says nothing about whether or not testers will be required to actually pay for it in order to use it, or whether they’ll have to fly to a specific city in order to get one (as the Glass “explorers” were). Though at least with the Explorer program, I’m pretty sure they did state ahead of time that you’d have to buy it (at $1500 a pop) and you could only pick one up in NY or SF… But I can’t recall if that was stated this early in the program or not.

Select creators will get access to Jump starting this summer. 

I suppose ‘get access to’ could mean all that you postulate.

I don’t see them claiming to give it away with a pony, anywhere.

My brain started out parsing SQL and then changed over to English


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