Google releases set of beautiful, freely usable icons


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There some icons with duplicate meanings. Here is a partial list:
Settings Input Component and Settings Input Composite;
Battery Full and Battery Std;
GPS Not Fixed and Location Searching;
Call and Phone;
Network Cell and Signal Cellular 3 Bar;
several of the wifi icons;
Crop Landscape and Crop 5 4;
Keyboard Arrows and Chevrons.

I’m not sure if there is a technical reason why the icons are duplicated this way. Couldn’t someone using them just call for the icon they need and it can mean what it means?



I remember a brief period when Google was the do-no-evil place. Now it is a ubiquitous entity assumed to be comprised of humans and some pet algorithms that most, except me, seem to trust because it is, well, a ubiquitous entity.

Have these icons been checked for worms?


I can’t get them to unzip

i personally did find any of them to be that beautiful…and i often find utilitarian simplicity beautiful, these were mostly meh.

Did you try sweet talk and kissing first?


I'll just see myself out...

why didn’t they dump them into the Noun Project?


Probably because those are the names that people can ask for them by in code, and perhaps in the past “battery full” and “battery std” were not the same image.


It’s a nice gesture but some of these icons seem ubiquitous enough to be outside the realm of any license.

Edit: Wow. The material deign project is worth a browse!


So a full sun is less bright than a half sun, which is less bright than a sun eclipsed by a small planetoid? And a full moon is less bright than a crescent moon?

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They unzipped fine for me; you should try re-downloading.

Not sure if you’re serious or not, but:

It’s important to be realistically cynical about your paranoia. Even if Google had a way to embed monitoring software in images (which is probably impossible, but stranger things have certainly happened), they’re smart enough (unlike, say, Sony circa 2005) to know that such malware will inevitably be discovered by someone, and they’ll inevitably be made to look very very bad. If Google wants to monitor everything you do, they don’t jack up your computer like a thief in the night; they tie their surveillance to something so useful and ubiquitous that you’ll volunteer to be monitored. And if you complain they can just say “hey, it’s just part of this awesome thing we gave you!”

Never assume that your enemy is stupid.


I particularly like

  • Black handbag with white detail
  • White handbag with black detail
  • White handbag with black detail and broken strap

Edit: oh, and:

  • Sad one-eyed robot

I am imagining “A Day in the Life”

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I think that the eclipsed sun is the setting for “auto-brightness”.

I keep getting ‘error: too many entries in central directory according to end of central directory info.’

What OS are you using, and did you try redownloading, in case the original file was corrupted?

They unzipped fine for me as well. OS X 10.9.5.

Or you could learn about git or bower

Yeah. Except turbulence and alcoholism sort of ruined it.

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