Google says government forced it to hand over Jake Appelbaum's data for WikiLeaks grand jury

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Fully encrypted mail: (not sure if they have opened up to the general public yet – they were supposed to do it sometime this week). If they haven’t, I think that the link below will still allow sign ups.

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Edit: looks like they still have it in beta invite – the link above still might get ya a 1 GB account rather than their default 500 MB.

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Good thing then that he fled to Berlin.

Who would’ve imagined that during the Cold War? US dissidents fleeing the country … to Germany.
Only Russia would be more galling … uh wait, never mind


Since the US is now firmly in oligarchy territory I think we can assume that this kind of stuff will just keep getting worse.

Also, can we send Jake some money or something?

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So now we’re firmly in the territory previously occupied by our communist opponents, where “journalists” have to be certified as such by the state*, and certified media organizations have no more credibility than the Pravda or the People’s Daily.

*I would suggest that nobody with such a certification is worthy of the name.


Indeed, journalists have no special privilege to resist compelled disclosure of their records, absent evidence that the government is acting in bad faith
In this case, even if the [redacted] subscriber were to bring a First Amendment challenge, he could not quash the Order because he could not show that the government has acted in bad faith, either in conducting its criminal investigation or in obtaining the order.

(emph. mine)

Sounds like the prosecution just outlined a promising defense strategy for him. Thanks, creepily anonymous prosecutors! (How is that even allowed? They’re not covert agents!)


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