Google still deleting user data without recourse

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Nice Amiga trashcan.

Using Google to store your data is like using a pawn shop to store your valuables.

I mean, I think pawn shops at least are legally liable for losing your stuff, as long as you are paying/paid back the loan amount.


The old adage still applies, always keep multiple backups of data you really want to save. I presume for sensitive data a journalist might have it might be good to have some physical backups that are hidden in a safe place and have them heavily encrypted.


Google suddenly changing or cancelling a service when they decide that it doesn’t make enough money towards fueling their ludicrous stock buy-backs? Say it ain’t so!


Google, yahoo & icloud all have deleted my data (or made it inaccessible to me) without my permission. I’ll never trust them again without making multiple backups.


I am using AWS S3 for backup, for many years. S3 is pay per bytes of storage, not a fixed fee. 100TB is nothing for them. If cost is a concern, they have various classes of storage, with different retrieval speeds and guarantees. Note that it is important to use a backup tool that is multithreaded: otherwise backup and retrieval will be slow.


RAID 1 array, anyone?

Seriously, why can’t I cut out the middlemen and just rent storage space directly from the NSA.


RAID is not back up.

Not fireproof.

I apologize if this is piling on, but RAID only protects you if one of the hard drives fail. Lightning strike, power surge, fire (as nosaj points out), theft, tornado, flooding, police seizure? You’re fucked.

Accidental deletion or corruption of the file? You’re also fucked–the copy on the second drive is also deleted or corrupted. (There are admittedly ways to recover deleted, but they don’t always work.)

Ideally*, you’d have RAID, another local copy on some other media and a remote copy. Cloud backups have been popular for the remote copy in recent years, but unfortunately you have to rely on the cloud provider to be competent and/or responsive if you need help. Which Google isn’t.

*Yes, this is simplified.


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