Google users in UK will soon lose EU data protection: Report

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Brexit is really making the UK great again.


“Sources”. UK data protection law is based on the UK Data Protection Act 2018, which directly incorporated GDPR into law. Leaving the EU makes no difference at all to the UK regulatory regime. Indeed much of the GDPR is based on the older UK Data Protection Act 1988 in the first place. This is, along with Elgin marbles nonsense earlier in the week, is a great example of journalists trying to write alarmist news off the very thinnest of sources.


Yes, the alarmists really aren’t helping their case here. I mean, sure, there ought to be some balance on the subject of Brexit so perhaps opponents* should start making shit up to compensate for four years of nonsense, but this may not be the way to do it.

*we can’t call ourselves Remainers any more. It wasn’t a very good name in the first place but it was all we had. Now we don’t even have that.


‘Returners’, perhaps?

I’ve heard/read ‘Rejoiners’.


Sometimes the worst thing you can do is give someone exactly what they think they want, like a genie and their wishes. Let’s give the Brexiters what they think they want.

I’m personally in favour of pushing the idea of taking back control to it’s Anarcho-Communist limits, with ideas like abolishing the monarchy, Britain and it’s member states. I’m tired of having to deal with the mess that authoritarian nationalists leave behind for us under their definition of freedom. Let them deal with us for a change.


I think Returners is a pretty good name, I mean we already have a theme

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That makes us sound like incompetent carpenters. (Mind you, with the new immigration rules, incompetent carpenters may be all we have.)


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