Google X engineer writes a bot that turns Trump's tweets into money for Planned Parenthood

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I approve of the use of bots for this.


I love the motivation and outcome, but hate the fact it is viable


This is brilliant :exclamation:

It perfectly leverages the cheetoh shit-gibbon’s fetish for rage-tweeting, against the howling void where his ethics ought to be based on his persistence of promoting his personal business interests from the Oval Office.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Except now it’s down to a simulated profit $1500 based on a very bad 4.5% loss. Wasn’t this already being done by someone else, some marketing company?

This is not brilliant. This is FUCKING brilliant. I would put real money to work with this software. Without hesitation.


P.S. Has to be more accurate than a shit-gibbon throwing poop.

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Goldman Sachs is no doubt doing the same thing

At this point I can’t tell what’s gaming the system, gamifying the system, or systematizing the game. All I know is that this is (1) a form of protest that could only have emerged in the 21st century, and (2) damned brilliant.

Oh, and (3) scary.


I guess it depends a lot on how long you actually hold on to the stock you buy. As long as prediction on the day is good enough, you could lock-in your gains after, say, 24 hours, and as long as you’re making enough to offset brokerage fees, you’re a happy camper. This is a short-term cash generator - after all, you cannot rely on the Orange Man to keep his word for more than a couple of days.

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