Googlers circulate petition demanding a moratorium on contracts with US border agencies

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I guess some of them have read this excellent book and don’t want to be named as culpable in a similar one 50 years from now.


Googlers: Destroying newspapers, spreading falsehoods and shoving your YouTube viewing to the extreme with their algorithms. Oh, and we don’t want to work with the military.

A case of little/late.


Totally agree.

How can I show my support for this petition?

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I think it’s more important we support any effort towards ethical restraint in big tech than chase a No True Scotsman fallacy. There’s already too little ethical restraint or considerations in big tech or in start-up land (Facebook certainly isn’t about to hold back), so let’s foster this dialogue and support those engaging in it. However, it may eventually get wonky as AI Nationalism sets in:

  1. Some ethics is, often, worse than no ethics. And Google’s occasional ethics are often screwy.
  2. Everyone at Google is tacitly part of an anti-competetive Monopoly that harms social good in the name of it’s profits.
  3. Whenever someone mentions ‘Fully Automated Luxury Communism’ or ‘AI Nationalism,’ all I can think of is Ian M. Banks novels I read when 16 and enjoyed as fiction. AI and Automation, as they are capitalist artifacts, will remain in the hands of capital. Hal 9000 won’t save you.

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