Algorithmic anti-semitism and computational propaganda

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Literal NPCs support political faction who accuse their opponents of being NPCs


That the “socialism of fools” is digitally enabled in 2018 is not surprising. What does continue to amaze me are Il Douche’s Jewish supporters continuing to pretend that there’s nothing to see here in terms of the atmosphere that’s letting anti-Semitism thrive as of late. You’d think they’d know what eventually happens to kapos and pet Jews in right-wing populist regimes.

The Tree of Life massacre may be bringing more non-fundie Jewish voters who were once pleased with the regime’s anti-Muslim and pro-Likud policies to the realisation that it’s been simultaneously enabling and emboldening domestic anti-Semites, creating a danger right on their front doorsteps.


Equally amazing are those in the gay / lesbian community who still vote for wingnuts – (anecdotally, this seems to be mainly some gay men; lesbians have better sense, usually) – as well as women, in general, and racial minorities. Boggles the mind.


I saw one horrible poster on Breitbart claiming to be gay and Jewish. Come the day, his white supremacist “friends” would give him two triangles and a seat on a midnight boxcar.

I hope he was just a persona or a bot.


I swear, if IBM has anything to do with this…


A good friend of mine who is a Jewish woman and a leftist had hundreds of emails in her work inbox today threatening to eradicate Jews from the earth as part of crowdsourced harassment campaign, that also involved plastering “it’s okay to be white” posters around town. Nazi scum.


It’s interesting that you mention Jewish Trump supporters, because in the UK, Labour political activists have been pilloried for simply inferring that such people exist.

To state that right-wing Jews exist is so offensive to right-wing Jews, that they consider the statement antisemitic; and yet it is the left-wing Jews who are ‘self-hating’ and ‘kapos’ according to them. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

It’s also interesting that accusations of antisemitism have come largely from the Right, who are simultaneously coolly unconcerned about actually-existing antisemitism, or its victims.


It’s horrific; I hope she’s OK.


Why would we be amazed that some gay people embrace the same social and gender ideals against which they have been judged? We see exactly the same phenomenon among the male geek recruits to the far right - they lionise the very characteristics that they supposedly fall short of themselves. I suppose that we assume that gay people would naturally align with the political forces that seek their emancipation, but there’s not reason to presume that; many people can justify supporting oppressive systems if they can avoid oppression themselves.


It gets even crazier in Israel, where Likud’s ultra-Orthodox and ultra-nationalist partners are doing their own version of this hatemongering and saying that some Jews (especially secular ones, especially liberal and left-leaning ones, and certainly dark-skinned ones) aren’t Jewish enough to be part of “their” country.

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., here’s another incident that Il Douche’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish supporters would claim has nothing to do with the atmosphere his regime has created:


Really crowdsourced, or just one spammer forging hundreds of senders?

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I did not see the emails myself, but I got the sense they were different if, sharing the same content.

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