IBM suspends advertising on Twitter after Elon Musk promotes antisemitic conspiracy theory

Originally published at: IBM suspends advertising on Twitter after Elon Musk promotes antisemitic conspiracy theory | Boing Boing


Why are these companies using the term “suspend”?

Just quit the NAZItter and move on.


Journalists and major brands and celebrities would never be so gauche as to post on Truth Social. But there they are, still posting and advertising at Elon’s Nazi bar (Prince Bonesaw, co-proprietor), where the owner now openly endorses anti-Semitic Great Replacement conspiracism. He’ll no doubt shortly be expressing his admiration of pioneering uses of Hollerith machine technology in 1930s and '40s Germany in order to get IBM back.


Maybe they’re waiting for a more kind-hearted billionaire narcissist to swoop in and buy it from Musk? And by “kind-hearted,” I of course mean one that remembers to not say the quiet parts out loud all the time.


BB should also stop posting links and embeds to Xitter if there are alternate sources elsewhere.


Dominio effect…

The cascading conflagration prompted Tesla Inc. TSLA, -1.02% bull and investment adviser Ross Gerber to grumble on X: “Getting a flood of messages from clients wanting out of tesla and anything to do with Elon Musk. Many saying they are selling their cars as well. What is he doing to the tesla brand??!!?!?”

Earlier this year, Gerber backed down from his “friendly activist” efforts to join Tesla’s board, saying he felt his concerns had been addressed. His firm, Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management, has its own ETF, AdvisorShares Gerber Kawasaki GK, which has Tesla as its top investment, and has attracted many clients with Tesla shares in its portfolios

Here comes the hypocrisy…

In an interview on CNBC late Thursday, Gerber said that while he is not selling his Tesla stock, ” I’m not going to mince words about it anymore as a shareholder. It’s absolutely outrageous, his behavior and the damage he’s caused to the brand.”


Agree that it’s time. Screenshots of Xits with a URL citation on the image should do the job.

It’s also time for Boing Boing to stop posting on Xitter beyond the occasional one-word “bump” post to keep it active. I understand why they would want to hold onto the account named, given that Musk is selling off closed and inactive accounts to sleazeballs, but using a platform run by a white supremacist sympathiser (in the most generous view) to promote Boing Boing is not OK.


Help me out here - I genuinely can’t parse the original post. It says:

Jewish commun[i]ties have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them.

I’m deeply disinterested in giving the tiniest shit now about western Jewish populations coming to the disturbing realization that those hordes of minorities that [they] support flooding their country don’t exactly like them too much.

You want truth said to your face, there it is.

Dialectical hatred? That is literally meaningless. Is the suggestion that some kind of Marxism is involved, like maybe critical race theory?

They want people to stop “using” the same kind of hatred against them that they’ve been “using” against whites? Is the idea here that Jews wield minorities as a tool against “white people”? I can only assume by “white people” they mean non-Jews, because it’s not as if Jon Stewart isn’t white.

If that is what this, um, person is saying, I honestly didn’t know this was something anyone believed outside of the Neonazi rally in The Blues Brothers.

So then the argument turns, I guess, to the assertion that swarthy floods of people are crowding Israel and hate them, and presumably these dangerous hordes are similar to the uncontrolled immigrants thronging into the US and Europe. Is that the claim?


Wow, when you are too much of a Nazi for a company that literally used to sell stuff to Nazis, you might have a problem.


Musk is an immigrant. Which suggests he means ‘those’ immigrants, the fucker.


I mean, so is trying to frame a whole group of people as some sort of racist puppet masters against white people.

Hegelian, actually, but yeah, Marx used dialectical methodology in his own work…

Yes, this has been used for years by the far right. Anti-integrationists in the south used that as a dog whistle regularly - though they said “communists” rather than straight up say “Jews”… but they in fact went after Jewish allies of the civil rights movement. Like they bombed a synagogue here in ATL in the late 50s because so many of the congregants supported civil rights.

They literally used what nazis really believe in that movie. It was just considered so cartoonish that it was to be laughed at - because it is a cartoonish set of beliefs not grounded in reality.

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I mean i’ve seen a good number of posts reporting news that link to xitter, when that very same info is on a legitimate news site. I try not to harp on BB contributors for it because i don’t want to be that guy, but it seems hypocritical to me that BB sure likes to put xitter and Musk on blast at every turn yet keep linking to it :man_shrugging: This will be the last time i complain about it because i don’t want to be annoying.


Yes. It’s the anti-Semitic spin on the American version of this conspiracy theory.

Correct. Jews are not white in the view of white supremacists.

Yes. It’s a catchphrase they use without knowing what it is (asking them who Hegel was would get a blank look).

Parsing things out, a conservative American Jewish person posted a Xit that basically told American PoC who support Hamas or express anti-Semitic sentiments to “come at me, bro”. A white supremacist Identitarian replied by essentially saying “hey, you Jews invited those brown people into the U.S. and support civil rights for Black people in order to undermine our nation, so no sympathy for you when they turn on you.” Then Musk endorsed that premise as the truth.


To be fair, though, pretty much all of these conspiracies have their roots in the original one about Jewish people. It always goes back to that… Because Jews were seen as the original outsider in Europe for centuries prior to the modern era.


True. Anti-vaxx, flat-Earthers, whatever, it’s always “da Jooooos are behind it!”

Sometimes they hide or obscure the anti-Semitism, but in this case it’s right out there in the open. And Musk straight-out agreed with it.


@boingboing hasn’t posted since February (and I think the Musk-era posts are all from some autoposting thing that we couldn’t turn off without resetting the password or flipping some third-party thing)

We’re all just waiting for him to go full Kanye and the palestinian genocide is cracking his egg pretty good.


Good to know. Thanks!


What happens then?


This may be a good time, as billionaires have recently found that buying supreme Court justices may draw scrutiny after a couple decades. Buying the prefab nazi bar of Twitter may be a more legal way to purchase influence.

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They didn’t just “sell stuff to the Nazis”. Hugo Boss sold uniforms to the SS, IBM eagerly sold the Nazis the punched-card database infotech of the day they needed to effectively round up and exterminate Jews, Roma and other minorities on an industrial scale. There was no ambiguity whatsoever about the intended purpose of the equipment yet they still went ahead. Every death camp had its Hollerith-Abteilung and the machines were maintained and serviced by IBM. If there is one company that cannot complain about its brand being besmirched by association with Nazis, it is IBM.