Elon’s struggle with Twitter revenue? He blames the Jews

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2023/09/05/elons-struggle-with-twitter-revenue-he-blames-the-jews.html


He did want to change Twitter’s software stack. It looks like he installed the Elders Protocol.


He blames the Jews

Of course he does.



Elon vs the Elders: it was bound to happen. Dig deep enough with right-wingers and you always find this stale old conspiracy theory.




The ancient classic “prepare three envelopes”, now four, for right-wing entitled tech bros: insert a fourth letter alternately blaming the Jews, minorities, or the progressive left in general.

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The story of three envelopes is a business classic for dysfunctional organizations. It starts with an incoming manager replacing a recently fired outgoing manager. On his way out, the outgoing manager hands the new manager three envelopes and remarks, “when things get tough, open these one at a time.”

About three months goes by and things start to get rough. The manager opens his drawer where he keeps the three envelopes and opens #1. It reads: “Blame your predecessor.” So he does and it works like a charm.

Another three months passes and things are growing difficult again so the manger figures to try #2. It reads, “reorganize.” Again, his predecessor’s advice works like magic.

Finally, about nine months into the new job, things are getting really sticky. The manager figures it worked before, why not try again. So he opens the envelope drawer one last time and opens #3. It reads…“prepare three envelopes.”


I wonder if anyone’s ever thought of doing that before?

That Elon guy, constantly breaking new ground. Inspiring.

Incidentally, I have a feeling that if he ever brings this lawsuit, it’s going to go about as well for him as his “You can’t make me buy Twitter” lawsuit. Anyone remember how that one worked out for him?


The discovery phase of that lawsuit would be fun. I’d like to see who Emo DMs with on this subject.


You just know that a mysterious Twitter outage will cause all Elon’s DMs to disappear the minute that discovery begins.

Tragic technical glitch, nothing we could have done. Because, uh, the platform’s been so unstable since The Jews began attacking it.


There are those who speak prophecy and we don’t even know it. Like, their eyes start glowing, flames come down from the heavens, and they are compelled to open up X on their phones (formerly known as Twitter). Also probably sitting on the shitter when this happens. It is important.

He’s SO FULL OF it. I have been fighting nazis on twitter for weeks and the moderation time ignored them and gifted me (a paying twitter blue subscriber) with a six day ban for having the audacity to not back down and keep reporting their vile garbage.


Maybe it’s time to delete your Twitter account?


Rethink your life choices.


Funny how it always comes down to free speech, for Nazis.


First, thank you for taking the time to try and fight the good fight. Trying to moderate content (or report on content to be moderated!) is an oft-thankless job that is made even harder if you don’t have community members participating (as we do here!), so thank you for doing that on Twitter.

Secondly, at this point I think it is hard to look at what’s happening over there as anything but a lack of interest in even doing any sort of moderation - and if the moderators aren’t willing to participate in the process, as others have said, it may be best to consider moving elsewhere.


Not engaging with Nazis on twitter isn’t backing down. It can actually backfire, as it keeps those conversations at the top of the pile. Even then, it isn’t going to change the mind of the person you are arguing with and it diverts you - a decent human being - from doing better things in the world.


I’m not sure how pointing out to advertisers that their brands are appearing alongside Nazi content is grounds for a lawsuit. Nor is suggesting that brands not advertise on a platform that permits anti-semitic content.

Other businesses and brands get boycotted for various reasons all the time. Sometimes the boycotts are moderately successful. Budweiser isn’t suing Gab or Truth Social or any particular far right organization that has called for a boycott of their products.

So good luck with that.


Plus, the reason advertisers withdraw their ads is because they think there is less money in nazis than in everything else. It’s not the ADL’s fault if lots more people hate nazis than love them.


The goal isn’t to win a lawsuit.

The goal is stochastic terrorism. Elon wants someone to rid him of those pesky Jews.