Google's COVID-19 "community mobility" surveillance reports

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Interesting that there’s spikes which show more people going to work on possibly Fridays and Saturdays with corresponding drops in the residential graph. I looked through both CA and NY and it shows up everywhere in both. I wonder what these jobs are. There don’t seem to be matching blips in the other graphs or in the before-time.

I think it’s wrong that Google even collects that data.


You can now opt out of some of it.

I think it is pretty terrible.


Dammnt, I did think people around here were not taking this shit seriously and those numbers kinda suggest just that.

I’ve been ordering grocery delivery and its busier on the weekend, so maybe its the instacart, shipt, ubereats, etc folks?

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Kinda creepy but cool at the same time.
It’s amazing what data can do.

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