Here are some resources providing data about COVID-19 cases, wastewater, research, safety, and more

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My source for COVID information is the podiatrist the woman I take care of sees for wound care every week. This week, his mask was back on for the first time in a month. We asked him about it and he told us COVID cases in our county are way up. He was seeing patients in a nursing home the day before and they had cases in the double digits. He makes daily rounds in hospitals and nursing homes here, so he’s a reliable, if somewhat inconvenient, source.


Hmmm. I couldn’t find much info on the Covid-in-water page about how to read the charts, but if I understand this one correctly, cases are rising in all four sampling regions of the US (color indicating region, not safety or lack thereof)


Thanks for posting this. I live in a deep blue area and there’s almost zero concern for COVID around here. Nearly everybody is carrying on as if we’re back in the heady days of 2019. As there is very little testing being done anymore and as local data has become harder to find it becomes more and more difficult to assess risk and take reasonable precautions.

With the lack of data I try to take reasonable precautions such as masking up if I know I’ll be in a crowded indoor area and such, but I have low confidence I won’t get sick again because of some chucklefuck going into a crowd while sick or not bothering to practice basic hand hygiene practices.

Since tests are no longer easy to come by and data is sketchy/hard to get it’s all a guessing game. It’s all just stupid and I blame our government leadership at all levels for being so desperate to return to “normal” and avoid an ongoing political cost that we are all much worse off than we could have been.


Dr. Katelyn Jetelina is excellent, too. She’s both on Twitter and has a substack called “Your Local Epidemiologist”. Dr. Eric Topol has a substack, as well, titled “Ground Truths.” And the Coronavirus subreddit is another very active community.

ETA: People’s CDC has been stellar.


Another vote for “YLE” Dr. Katelyn Jetelina.


Yup. None of our local pharmacies had any covid tests, but Amazon delivered same day. Just lost our ‘Holier than thou’ status after a plane trip to NJ for a wedding.


I can personally attest to Covid’s presence :frowning:

I took appropriate precautions, including vaccinations, and did not get covid for 3 years. Then they declared the pandemic “over”, and I went to see a movie in a crowded theatre, and one week later… :nauseated_face: and a positive test.

In the end, I was very lucky, and I’m fine now. For me, it was just one night of a high fever (and flu-like symptoms). I’m definitely back to masking for a bit.


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