Google's Nest Labs drops $555 million on Dropcam



Um, yeah… NO.


I have always wanted to assist Google in expanding its information dominance into my physical space, ideally at my own expense. This looks like the opportunity I’ve been waiting for!


I too would prefer to have Google enter my orifice with their push to become the dominant force in and around my orifice.

You know, there are some people who will welcome this as it means they won’t have to wear their Glass in the shower.


now google is in possession of all the live feed Dropcam Data of the world e.g. and it will grow grow grow … who will stop Google?

Don’t be evil™.

Would that God the gift to gee us to see our home as Lord Kelvin would see us. Or… building a physics model of an entire home can be kept private and secure by Next. Think about it.

Is there another similar product that anyone here can recommend?

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