Google's robotics "moonshot," and Android's Andy Rubin, profiled in NYT


How about a google automated car drives to your neighborhood, then drones, which are sitting in the bed of the car charging, dispatch out for the short flight to the various doorsteps in the neighborhood.

Although, honestly, the best advance in deliveries I’ve seen lately has been the Amazon locker. A pretty low-tech but really logical system where packages get close to your house, but you don’t have to be home to wait for USPS to inevitably fake a first delivery attempt.

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As a human being I am quite tired of google and amazon. The constant reminder of their brilliance has over-exposed my eyes to them.

Yet I get it. They are the smartest people in the room. Meritocracy. Technology’s your messiah, now! Who needs stinkin’ badges with RFID implants? And I would be lost without them. I can hardly wipe my ass with confidence anymore because there is not street-view … of my ass.

But I wonder what else these people would be doing if not trying to find a way for my dog-treat-toy-3d-printer-dispenser to get to me via whirly-jetpack in under 30 seconds … I wonder what kind of greatness those employees could be doing not under a Bezos or Schmidt or minion thereof forcing them to redesign the hand-crank on a material excess machine.

The now has corporations as people … and the future now has material objects getting jetpacks before I do. Because profit. Because progress.

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What’s with corporations declaring “Moonshot” goals lately?

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Ha! You’ve been given the fake too. I thought I was alone in those shenanigans. Fed-ex pulled it on me with a package I sent.

Probably an effort to fight rampant cynicism towards a lot of major corporations. I mean, it did work pretty well for the US Government in the '60s.

At first I thought they meant an actual moonshot.

And China’s literal moonshot just days ago…

Actually now that I think of it… it’s kind of sad that the term “moonshot” is being thrown around frequently within a country that currently has no manned space program to speak of.

USPS likes to leave my packages with my leasing office… without telling me they were delivered. Good thing not a lot of people send me stuff unexpectedly.

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So true and so sad at the same time. Maybe we should hope that the Brins and Bezos’s of the world will put those big brains to use solving the real problems we’ve got once they’re tired of the corporate fight (I would say, “like Bill Gates” but I don’t know enough about the man to say that he was tired of the fight when he set up their charity foundation). tl;dr: hope springs eternal.
Besides, maybe this drive to robotics will finally result in a vending machine that gives me the right bag of chips that doesn’t get stuck mid-way down the glass to the chute…

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