GOP congressdouche: Eric Garner wouldn't have died if he wasn't so fat

Yep, and yet he went on and on about Ramadan fundraising a few years ago, when the vast majority of that fundraising probably did not find its way back to a terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda (that’s part of what you do for Ramadan, alms for the less fortunate members of the Umma). I guess as long as its “his people” (Irish Catholics), that funding organizations that are considered a terrorist group by some is a-okay… I guess its the whole one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter…


I am pleasantly surprised: King has not called for the police to start charging the families of their shooting victims for the price of the bullets. So far.

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Personal testimony from an asthma sufferer here: It is entirely possible to be able to squeeze some words out, yet still be unable to get sufficient oxygen into your lungs to remain healthy.

Try for yourself. Breathe in as much air as you can, then see how many times you can say “I can’t breathe”. I just managed 38, which suggests that I could be reduced to 3% of regular lung capacity and still be able to say “I can’t breathe”.


No, Mister King, it’s actually a misconception. You can talk if you can’t breath. In fact, you can talk even if you have no brain function at all.

Exhibit A: Peter King

Grumpy Cat’s so played out…


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