GOP Governor Hogan fights for his party's life: "We've got to get back to reality"

Sadly the wealth and power worshiping religious right have aligned with the Republican Party and convinced otherwise normal religious people to join the cult of Trump because he is going to save the precious babies by enacting cruel and ineffective legislation that only affects impoverished pregnant women. No matter that Biden appears to be pushing a more effective policy of reducing the number of children living in poverty.
At least the cruel policies give the pieces of human garbage like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh talking points like never referring to democrats as anything but the “baby killing left”.

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The question is whether democratic organizers can outrace anti-democratic legislators.


That is the question indeed. Because if they do not, there may not be another chance.


Yup. First recommended article directly below this one:



Hogan is the worst type of GOP governor. He’s an extreme RW policy maker and self-dealer who has managed to make people believe he’s a moderate centrist. I find these guys (like Reagan and VA’s Tom Davis or Bob McDonnell) to be even more destructive than the extremist RW ones since they pull so many wishy-washy voters over to their side proclaiming, “he’s fair.”


I’d argue that’s as good a lens as any to view the Trump era through. The party unified behind an incompetent buffoon who was swept into power largely through the machinations of a Cold War adversary that wanted a U.S. President who would be easy to manipulate for their own ends.

It’s the plot of The Manchurian Candidate, except after the conspiracy was laid bare for everyone to see the Republicans only doubled down on their support for the guy.


I don’t count the republican party out. Between the loony base, the HUGE number of people that would vote for Hitler if he was running on their party’s ticker, and gerrymandering, they’ll be around for quite a while no matter what drivel they spout.


The GOP may live on as a political entity but it’s looking less and less likely that the party will retain any semblance of its former platform or stated values. The Republicans haven’t had much in common with the party of Lincoln for several generations, but these days it’s hard to even figure out how they got here from the party of Reagan.


Let the GOP destroy itself.

Let the Democrats become the right wing party and let us lefties have our own party.


before my family stopped speaking to me ( because i asked if my mother had been tested for covid when she was feeling ill ) my uncle used invasion of the body snatchers as a metaphor for how people have been brainwashed into thinking biden won the election, and that covid is real.

i think it’s already been co-opted by qanon as a shorthand to talk about real (aka white) america being taken over by outside forces. and it pairs well with the hillary body double memes, and the secret qanon trials of democrat pedophiles ( who are then replaced with look alikes so that nobody knows the trial took place. )

and - as much as i like leonard nemoy - i think the 70s remake was actually more about counter culture ( his character was a pop psychologist ) taking away people’s “freedoms” then the original, more anti fascist movie


The Democratic party has veered rightward over the years; the policies of the Clintons would have been regarded as centrist Republican during the days of St. Reagan.
That’s what worried me about Biden, but he has, frankly, surprised me with his agenda.
Apparently, he remembers what Democrats used to be for.

In any case, for all intents & purposes, the Democrats are the right-wing party; the Sanders/Warren faction would pretty much be middle-of-the-road… AOC et. al. aren’t that far to the left, especially compared to the Scandinavians.

The only way to regard the GQP is as a gangrenous limb.


Look, we’re not going to win elections in the future," Hogan continued. “We’re not going to be a majority party, we’re not going to win back the Senate, the House or the White House if we continue to go down this crazy road of conspiracy theories and lies.”

“Correct”, says the secret republican junta + kochs + mercers… “‘We’re not going to win elections’, we’re going to steal elections.” (and so they shall, unless H.R.1, the voting rights bill, is somehow maneuvered through the senate, and past the GOP’s useful idiots, manchin and sinema -sigh-)


The movie: Hardcore Prophecy: The Trump of Doom - YouTube

He’s part of the plutocrat wing of the GOP which at this point seems legit scared of the Trump wing. They generally don’t seem to express any recognition of the way that they have coddled the racist and anti-everything monster that is literally threatening to destroy democracy in this country. In their quest for power and lower taxes, they have fanned the flames and only now, as the fire has been raging do they realize that it is beyond their control.


“Look, we’re not going to win elections in the future,” Hogan continued. “We’re not going to be a majority party, we’re not going to win back the Senate, the House or the White House if we continue to go down this crazy road of conspiracy theories and lies. I mean, we’ve got to get back to reality.”

I wish I could be so confident. Democrats actually lost seats in the House, and the Senate is almost de facto a stalemate. And, that might change for the worse if courts in Arizona allow the GOP’s blatantly one-sided recount of Maricopa County’s votes to be used to overthrow the election of their two Dem Senators ('cause, it’s a given that they’re going to shocker! find just enough “suspicious” Democrat votes to change the results.)

Then, there’s the census results that are starting to trickle out, which looks to give Texas and other western states more seats in the House.

The GOP isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And they actually seem to enjoy being batshit nuts.

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Came to say this same thing.

“Look, we’re not going to win elections in the future… We’re not going to be a majority party, we’re not going to win back the Senate, the House or the White House if we continue to go down this crazy road of conspiracy theories and lies.”

Except you are. You totally, totally are. And THAT, boys & girls, is the saddest part about this whole story. The fact remains that the psychological make-up of the Republican party base is such that they absolutely LOVE this kind of shit. Like moths to a flame.

The modern GOP has known for DECADES that they can’t win on policy. Their policies are NOT holistically popular and never have been. They continue to win by gerrymandering (the effectiveness of these perfectly legal procedural shenanigans cannot be overstated) and playing to the fears and ignorance of potential voters. They keep rebranding the same old discredited supply-side, trickle-down economic ideas and spoonfeeding them to the bootlickers with catchy slogans like “no poor person ever gave me a job!”, and to distract those same bootlickers from any kind of critical thought whatsoever they pull shit like “Democrats want men in the women’s bathroom!” or the classic “they’re comin’ fer yer guns!”

And voters keep falling for it.

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