GOP Governor Hogan fights for his party's life: "We've got to get back to reality"

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Sorry, Larry, didn’t you get the memo? You’re all on the Trump Train, pledging undying fealty to a single human being, until he actually dies. And even then, the GQP, like a wild dog, has gotten a taste for conspiracy theories and they love it. They’ve been given the opportunity to bring their once-cloistered racism into the sunlight, and they feel liberated. Sure, the actual party higher-ups don’t believe any of this ridiculous nonsense, but if they can use it to justify preventing Black people from voting, everyone’s a winner!


100% incorrect. In fact, I give us until 2022 before the anti-democratic voting measures in the more Trumpy states secure Republican rule for the rest of time.

The current greatest threat to democracy is no longer Mitch McConnell. It’s Joe Manchin.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers vibe is right.


I guess that seals it: those of us liberals who remember that Larry Hogan is a corrupt, racist piece of shit are not real humans anyway.

Larry Hogan wrote the memo. This is all part of the kayfabe.


Can’t buy that. If Stacy Abrams showed us anything, it’s that, with enough grass-roots effort, even a deep red state can be flipped. The modern Jim Crow can’t quite get to the life threatening level of the previous iteration, they can only make it much more difficult for us to vote vs them, mostly by focusing on working people and PoC. That can be overcome by motivated voters. With this level of voter suppression, it is a true GoT kind of thing. You win, or you die. I am laying my money on the Republicans having signed their own death warrant, by pissing off a whole bunch of people who saw what happened in GA and decided that it really is possible after all. VA elections (and other off-off year elections) will begin to tell the tale. The fact the the Repubs here refused to risk a primary where the voters would actually have a say in candidates and went with a convention that specifically excludes moderate voices (and observant Jews, FFS) should say something about how they are seeing things as well.


I live in Maryland, and Hogan sucks. He’s anti-union, anti-teacher and just vetoed some pretty basic police reforms. Just because he’s not a Trumpist doesn’t make him a decent human being. It just shows how low the bar has fallen.


and they are bringing everyone else down with them. The end game of all this isn’t the permanent banishment of the GOP from the Capitol. It’s the end of democracy in the United States, and major civil unrest to follow.


Considering that one needs heavy excavation equipment to find the bar…


I hope you’re right!


Except unlike a zombie movie, the GOP is not interested in “human brains” in the slightest.


I found it stunning that the GOP leadership was so weak shutting down that “Anglo-Saxon” PAC. We think we have finally found their limit - and yet they are so wishy-washy about it that it’s clear this was just a trial balloon. They are purposely moving that Overton window down and down and down.


“The kind of thing I’ve been speaking out against ever since President Trump was elected.”

Well, there’s your problem, right there - it started waaaay before Trump, and apparently you were fine with it. The party was already racist, irrational and reality-denying, you’re just upset it became a personality cult as well.


While I get your point that a deep red state can be flipped, Maryland is by no means deep red. Last time the state went for a Republican president was 1988, the state has usually gone for the Democratic candidate by >15% and there’s been only two Republican governor since the sixties (Agnew). Off year apathy and unforced errors on the part of democrats have been blamed for not having consistently democratic governors.

Which begs the question, is Hogan really a centrist, or does he have to be one or pretend to be one to get anything done in Maryland? Like many to most most Maryland dems, I’d rather have him in power than any most other Republican governors, but have always voted against him, and would greatly prefer a democratic governor.


I was responding to this. I claim no knowledge of MD politics, but off-off year elections in VA caused us to stay in Republican control far longer than otherwise would have been the case. But same thing applies. A motivated, engaged electorate can change that.


Omega Man is much more appropriate now. Body Snatchers was a very Cold War oriented kind of fear. Omega Man was racist AF and perfectly matches the “replacement theory” paranoia of the reactionary minority.


GOP Governor Hogan fights for his party’s life:


Hogan is no hero.


Republicans: where we’re going, we don’t need votes.


“I can’t really explain what’s going on, Jake.”

Yeah, it’s a real head-scratcher, Governor. It’s not like we have 60+ years of your party’s history of pandering to bigots and fantasists to help us how thing mysteriously came to this pass.