GOP-led hearing on gun silencer deregulation canceled after today's shooting


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If you are wondering why the gun lobby calls them by a different term, there are indeed a myriad of reasons.

Chief among them is that they don’t make gunshots remotely silent like in the movies. They just make them slightly less loud as fuck. This energy is best spent elsewhere (as pointed out, on better background checks).


I didn’t realize that ear plugs and safety ear muffs were no longer an effective option.


It took me entirely too long to figure out whether or not this was satire. Something about the involvement of the baseball game had me going “this can’t be real, right?”


What’s more quintessentially American than baseball and mass shootings?


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One of the funniest shared quirks among gun people is their rigid insistence on enforcing precise terminology. See clip v. magazine, bullet v. cartridge, auto v. semi-auto, etc.

Owning a gun basically turns you into Richard Stallman.


GOP-led hearing on gun silencer deregulation canceled after today’s shooting

You mean to say both may have something to do with each other?


“GOP-led hearing on gun silencer deregulation canceled after today’s shooting”

Just a slight delay. Gun lobby money can be issued and acted on at some later date.



(whisper whisper)



You think so, but you really only tend to end up talking about guns with the talky gun owners who are sticklers for nomenclature.

Most gun owners are not particularly passionate about them, at least in that way.*

*Texas may vary.


I live in the neighborhood where it happened. It really happened. I couldn’t believe it either. When it came out that shooter is a former Bernie Sanders campaign worker and not your average anti-government domestic terrorist (a la McVeigh or Pizzagate guy), I really wasn’t sure WTF was happening.

On a side note, as a chubby white guy who is progressive yet still reasonable pro-gun, I also would like to note that this guy does not speak for all of us.


I have noticed a similar sort of distraction by obsession on terminology when using the term “racist” on the internet. “But of course the travel ban isn’t racist, ‘Muslim’ isn’t a ‘race.’” Which is, of course completely irrelevant to whether it is a form of discrimination banned by the US constitution.


Nowadays it’s all satire.


Ha, yeah that might be part of it. For whatever reason, when I find myself in a pedantic “well actually” conversation with someone the topic tends to be guns, craft beer, bicycles, or cameras.


And the beat goes on.


What’s funny is that many gun owners I’ve heard from are wondering why the NRA is pushing this. This is definitely one of the least controversial pieces of regulated hardware and deregulation only helps manufacturers.


You can bet it will be rescheduled, and eventually become law.

This is good news for the next shooter going to bag a few Congressment, because he’ll have not only a silencer but AP rounds and a larger magazine.


Exactly… it felt a little too on the nose.


They want to make it easier to sell (expensive and highly profitable) silencers, and armor piercing rounds, you know, for those duck hunters who want to quietly shoot at kevlar-wearing ducks.