GOP senator: abolish hand-washing regulations in restaurants

damnit Randy, if I’ve told you once…

Because it interferes with my business model!


dark! >:)

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I love how these folks seem to want to return to the late 1800s… no labor laws, no food safety laws, and not an inkling of environmental stewardship.


So republicans have gone from feeding us proverbial shit… to wanting to feed us literal shit.


Already happened. It’s a law called the DSHEA, and it deregulated all “dietary supplements” and homeopathic “medicine” (the audible gagging sound is normal).

So yes, we already have lots of companies selling what they trump up as a valid alternative to pharmaceutical drugs with practically no regulation, and absolutely without the need to demonstrate to the FDA any efficacy or even purity and safety.

The free market doesn’t care whether snakeoil is being peddled, because the free market would only work if the consumers were scientifically literate. Which most people aren’t. Which is the fault of our education system, because free-market conservatives have been dismantling public schools in favor of privatized education that’s less regulated and therefore of a lower standard than the National minimums.

Thanks a lot Barbra Bush.


Idiocracy is coming, and we will most of us still be alive to see it.


By this logic… The warning sign is better than a law logic… should unvaccinated people have to wear signs advertising that they are unvaccinated so vulnerable people can stay away?


I’d prefer such a “we don’t wash our hands” message be on the front door, not hanging in the restroom of said Libertarian wonderestablishment


Might as well just have them live underground where they can continue their devolution to their inevitable Morlock morphology.


This is immediately after being introduced as “eloquent and substantive.”


It’s actually in the 38 page EULA you clicked through when you joined their affiliate online network. It’s not actualy written in there, but it includes language that you’ll have to ask about any such notifications at time of purchase.

You gonna drink that coffee or not?


I think the senator actually has it backwards. The problematic regulations aren’t the common-sense ones that everyone in their right mind would follow, the bad ones are regulations that force a poor practice.

A hand-washing regulation is good because it eliminates a source of economic friction and forces a good choice on poor judgment business owners. Consumers don’t have to verify a hand-washing policy because everyone has one, this allows the consumer to redirect their attention to other issues and make a better choice.


Good point. One implicit assumption in the “free market will sort it out” claim is that we all have the time and inclination to check out which good business practices each and every business we deal with engages in so we can make informed decisions whether or not to patronize them. So I guess we’re supposed to spend several hours researching the labor practices, health standards, consumer reports etc. etc. of that coffee shop before stopping by to get a latte and a scone on the way to work.

“Honey, did you pick up milk on the way home like I asked?”

“Not yet, I’m still conducting a multi-state investigation of the dairy industry to determine which suppliers and distributors have the best overall record for hygiene.”


This sounds like a kneejerk response to a reporters question run through a Republican flowchart without sanity check.
The wackadoo Repub/Libert religion of the Invisible Hand of the Market is actually the worship of game theory. Unfortunately game theory leads to a few brutes ruling the world in uneasy truces with everyone else in slave or slave keeper castes with freedom and liberty extinguished concepts.
The invisible hand is good only for hand waving and making a seductive argument for those who already have to beat those who do not.
(edit) The invisible hand can be found by looking for the poo streaks on it. :smile:
(edit 2) add link to game theory.


A couple walks into a grocery store in Cornelius County, NC [That’s where Tillis hangs his hat]:

“That sign says they buy their baby formula from a talcum mine in China”
“Unacceptable! Let’s go across the street to Whole Foods”

A couple walks into a grocery store in Robeson County, NC [Not where Tillis lives]

“That sign says they buy their baby formula from a talcum mine in China”
“I know, but the kids gotta eat…”

The free market will sort it out for communities that can afford to vote with the wallets. Great for cell phones, magazines and yes, even Starbucks. Not so good for food, medicine, car seats for children.


Even in those cases people depend on the ability to make informed decisions, which assumes businesses are honest about things like where they manufactured their baby formula or whether they actually enforce their stated hands-washing policy. Without some kind of government regulation there’s very little disincentive to lie.


See? You wouldn’t get trickle down if you required employees to “shake it” after peeing. One fewer onerous regulation!


Yeah, I was going to say approximately the same thing. The reason we have these laws isn’t because of jack-booted thugs who just love laws. It is because the market failed time after time to correct these problems. It is something that happens; the market finds an equilibrium but it is the bad equilibrium. The one where everyone is worse off.


The invisible hand is good only for handwaving

Actually, an invisible hand is about the worst hand you can use for that. :wink: