GOP strategist says it's obvious why the party keeps losing: A "rapist" runs the show

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Someone else had commented on one of these forums that the current cause for division in this country is clear: Half of Americans believe that Trump is a horrible rapist. The other half believes that he’s a wonderful rapist.


MAGA: blarble jarble marble garble deep state.


My inlaws are immigrants to here who proudly became citizens. They’ve been asking me A LOT lately how the country got to this place. They cannot understand how the racism and sexism that always existed has now become normalized and common instead of much more uncommon (but it’s always been there) and not respected/allowed.

It’s amazing the amount of damage Trump’s sociopathic narcissism changed our country, fully enabled by the GOP who are so desperate to maintain power that they have whole heartedly embraced these formerly fringe people and beliefs to keep that power.


It’s nowhere close to 50% who support Trump. If it were, they would not be so dead set on voter suppression and gerrymandering. They are trying to claim a “clear mandate” while commanding roughly a quarter of the vote. It’s more about getting the vote out, defending against the inevitable stochastic terrorism their loss will generate, and kicking them the hell out, preferably into a prison cell.


Thank you; I am so sick of people (usually with far more privilege than I have) saying that bullshit as if it’s some kind of proven fact.

A more accurate stat is that half the country doesn’t even bother to vote at all because they are so jaded, demoralized and disenfranchised.


The “half the country” thing was clearly a generalization for the purposes of the dark joke and wasn’t meant to be an actual statistic. And voter suppression, unfair issues related to the electoral college, etc. are certainly huge issues. But numerically, where are you getting the “roughly a quarter of the vote” figure? If you’re counting actual votes cast (which is the only number that makes sense when you are referring specifically to “the vote”) it’s sadly way closer to 50% than it is to 25%.


When the GOP decided appealing to their base was the most important thing, and then found the base getting more and more unhinged, they watched a slow motion self-own and were powerless to do anything about it.

The less nutbag arm of the party (still assholes, but less crazy) can split off. That’s all that’s left for them now.

I saw another GOP old-timer strategist say “Trump fires up the base, but unfortunately he fires up the opposition too”-- ironic considering Trump tends to think in terms of “zero sum game.”


Not to mention their views on women’s rights and bodily autonomy (and in a way the GOP’s views on rape, incest). Racist views on migrants and minorities. Indifference on hungry and needy children vs their obsession with protecting fetuses. Drawing district lines to represent and empower themselves. Tone deaf gun laws. I could be here all day

On the flipside, my parents have leaned republican for a long time and even voted for Trump twice. Recently my mom was in disbelief about the crazy shit he’s been saying lately and i think i can safely say they’ve seen the light.


See @Melizmatic’s post just above. As I said, they are relying on voter suppression, terrorism and illegal gerrymandering to cling to power in an electorate that increasingly and overwhelmingly rejects their positions on everything. It’s not just votes cast, but voters who were prevented from voting due to the machinations of the fascist, anti-democracy party.


If we ever had an actual fair “level playing field” where all citizens are allowed to vote and have those votes actually count, the political landscape would be shockingly different, I’d wager.

The system has been rigged in favor of White male supremacy for a long damn time.


I know what you meant. Every national election is a nail-biter. Why? Because despite being in a clear minority, the idiots and assholes turn out, and the rest of us can only just be bothered to care. (See that blue dot in the middle of Ohio? That’s me in the most liberal half of the biggest city in the state, but we always get outvoted by the rural/suburban red dot above us.)




They like losing because it justifies their persecution complex.


Nah. Again, if this were so, there would not be an overwhelming emphasis on making voting harder for certain demographics. Just as an easy example, in my very white and fairly rural area, I never have to wait in line to vote, in and out in 5-10 min max. In urban areas, with larger Black populations, waits can run into hours and they just passed laws to make it illegal to provide water to folks standing in those lines! Moving polling places away from college campuses, and away from bus lines, limiting who can give voters a ride to the polls, cutting back early voting, Sunday voting specifically to stop “Souls to the Polls” operations. No. It is not a lack of interest on our part. It is a great interest on the other side to keep “certain” folks away fromt he polls.


Actually, based on the responses to that tweet, MAGA: “Digitally penetrating a woman against her will isn’t considered rape in NY, so he’s not a rapist. Try and keep up.”


Agreed; to overgeneralize so nonchalantly is to do a huge disservice to all of those folks who have been fighting the good fight since day.

Standing off to the side criticizing how we fight with the tools we have at hand isn’t very helpful, and it definitely will NOT save the country from falling under fascist rule.


Some days I think it’s rapists all the way down. I’m reading an excellent P.I. memoir by Erika Krouse, “Tell Me Everything,” about investigating brutal football-team rape culture at a large university. It’s an eye-opener. Her team has the truth, but their team has the judges. Yet I’m still hoping for a semi-hopeful (if not happy) ending.


How hard was that lean? Did you do something to nudge them? Did they lose access to “FOX News” channels?

My parents have been single issue lower taxes voters for as long as I can remember. Stuck on the theory that GOP means lower taxes and DEM means higher, no matter any reality. Add in a steady diet of “FOX News” and they’re very stuck. At this point, we avoid talking politics as much as possible, but that’s often become avoiding talking completely. Any advice on how to gently nudge them would be helpful.